❖ Material On Ozone Layer Protection on the occasion of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav:

(a) Protect the ozone     layer and the climate (b) Ozone Board Game (Ludo) (c) Ozone Board Game              (Snake and Ladder)

❖ Water an Importance Resource:

(Sources: Ozone Cell, You Tube Channel)

Animated short film, Ozzy Ozone (an ozone molecule)

Precious Ozone - The Size of It

Success story on HCFC Phase out in foam manufacturing sector

RAC Servicing - Good Service Practices

RAC Servicing - Recovery, Recycling, Reclamation

RAC Servicing - Handling Flammable Refrigerants

RAC Servicing Split AC Installation

RAC Servicing - Flaring - Hindi

RAC Servicing - Evacuation - Hindi

RAC Servicing - Basic Tools - Hindi

RAC Servicing - Refrigerant Charging-Hindi

RAC Servicing - Leak Detection - Hindi

Biogeochemical Cycles for Kids:


(a) Nitrogen Cycle (b) Carbon Cycle (c) Water Cycle (d) Sulfur Cycle (e) Phosphorus Cycle

Renewable Enenrgy:


Water an Importance Resource:


WATER: our most precious resource


How to recharge underground water

Water pollution

Water Conservation

Plastic Pollution:


Plastic Pollution: How Humans are Turning the World into Plastic

Climate Change:


What is Climate Change ?

Climate Change ?

Climate Change Adaptation: it's time for decisions now

Climate Change: Shows Devastating Effects

Pesticide Pollution:


Pesticide's Pollution

Facts about Pesticides